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Should Juniors Train?

There is a debate within the cycling world regarding whether juniors should be encouraged to train or not.  We believe that juniors should NEVER be forced to train, but if they desire help to better themselves within the sport, then training can be beneficial when done under the watchful eye of an adult who cares.  The ultimate priority must be that the junior is still having fun!

Here are a few links to some good information for parents and junior cyclists alike…

Small Bikes

We encourage juniors who are just starting to ride to first look for a used, or even borrowed bike! There is no reason to spend money on something you can’t use, or you find out latter wasn’t the best fit. Many junior teams, velodromes, and BMX tracks have bikes available to rent or borrow. Using “lowner bikes” allows you to try them out for size and to be sure you really want to do that type of cycling before you buy. Local shops and sites like craigslist or facebook marketplace are also great places to look for used options. No need to make a rush decision! Remember, kids grow so quickly, that they often need a new bike each season.