Junior BikeChat

We have some great news and hope you will share it with your junior cycling team…..
JuniorsMatter and Youth Cycling Association are teaming up to bring you a series of webchats with content that is made especially for junior cyclists.
In this free Zoom webinar, participants will have the opportunity to interact in an informal session with special guests involved in the junior cycling community.

Don’t worry… if you miss the live chat you can catch up by watching the recording here.


Upcoming Events

Junior Bikechat Ep. 17

March 21, 2021 at 8:00 pm est.

Do you want to have a bike race? How Juniors and College Students can participate in hosting local races.

Stuart Lamp from USACycling will lead the discussion with a number of Collegiate promoters.

Past Events

Junior Bikechat Ep. 16

On this episode of Junior Bikechat, we will partner with American Cycling Development Workshop Series to participate in a discussion with Peter Taylor of Star Track and Sarah Tescher of Durango Devo with special guest moderator Steve McCauley of the USACycling Development Foundation. We will particularly focus on the high-costs associated with youth cycling programs and “free” vs “fee” based program models. We will talk with them about the core philosophies of their programs, how many kids they reach in their communities, the costs involved with those programs, and how they cover those costs.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 15

Attending Junior riders will have opportunities to win gifts from a variety of sponsors, teams, and events. Who knows, we may even have a few special guests to help us with the show. We are limiting the holiday give away to riders in the United States due to shipping costs.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 14

In this Junior Bikechat we are joined by Robert Britton or Rally Cycling and Henrik Klessmann who talk about their Bikepacking adventures with moderation from Hunter Wilson of Cal Poly SLO and Team California.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 13

In this session we talk with Jim Miller about the ODA program and he provides clarity to how this program fits within the scope of athlete development at USACycling. Many questions regarding the program are also addressed.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 12

Video was not shared publicly

Junior Bikechat Ep. 11

Kelsey Erickson, Executive Director of Athlete Health & Well-Being at USA Cycling, will be guiding a conversation with a panel of guest cyclists. The topic will be Clean Sport specifically in relation to Junior cyclists. Kelsey has 10 years experience working in international anti-doping, so be sure to bring all your questions! This will be a great chance to listen, learn and ask interact about a topic that you may have never really considered as a junior!

Junior Bikechat Ep. 10

In this Junior Bikechat edition Kelsey Erickson, Executive Director of Athlete Health & Well-Being at USA Cycling, guided a conversation about how athletes can ensure they are taking a holistic approach to their development.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 9

Famed Tour De Quarantine announcer, Brad Sohner, is our guest discussing the topic “Social Media, Sponsors, & You”. 

Junior Bikechat Ep. 8

In this Junior Bikechat session we will focus on Kate Courtney’s journey from the NICA ranks in Marin through the Devo ranks to becoming one of the most highly regarded Professional Mountain Bikers in the United States.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 7

In this session Ethan Frankel of UCLA will lead a discussion with fellow collegiate cyclists about what they enjoy about cycling while in college. Thinking about riding while in college. This is the perfect opportunity to ask college students about what its like.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 6

Junior Bikechat on American Cyclocross with USACycling National Team Coach Jesse Anthony and special guests (Moderated by Tom Nee)

Junior Bikechat Ep. 5

Junior Bikechat with Coach Larry Nolan and Team Specialized Juniors program graduates Cole Davis and Neilson Powless (Moderated by Finn Thomsen of Davis Bike Club). This is video 1 of 2. Be sure to watch the 2nd part also.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 4

USACycling Women’s National Team featuring Coach Mari Holden with Megan Jastrab and Emma White (Moderated by Stella Hale of San Diego Bike Club).

Junior Bikechat Ep. 3

From the Foundation for American Track Cycling. Bob Francis moderated this with athletes Kayla Hankins and Karl Baumgart.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 2

A great lineup for an evening discussion regarding the status of Junior racing including Billy Innes, Barney King and Joe Holmes.

Junior Bikechat Ep. 1

Michael and Ian Garrison, two rising stars in American cycling.