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Mike Riva

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(262) 237-3131

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Road, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Criterium, Track

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Kenosha Velosport Cycling is based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. We are a youth development cycling team that consists of riders who compete in track, road, cyclocross and mountain bike racing. Members come from all over southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to learn race tactics and train to compete on the track, road, cyclocross course, or single track.​ The organization’s purpose is to educate and promote interest in bicycle racing at local, state, national and international amateur competitive levels, in most of the cycling disciplines. Our staff is comprised of certified experienced coaches as well as numerous parent volunteers. Each professional helps to individualize the members’ training program, based on your current fitness level and what you want to accomplish in cycling. No matter the discipline, we can help to guide you to be at your best!​ There are a lot of opportunities to race in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana. See our events page for specific races the team will attend, as well as, our training schedule. Races are added throughout the season and may not always be posted. Our Spring Training Series in March happens every year and sets the tone for the racing season. Come join in the fun!​ So whether you are a hardcore cyclist or just looking to improve your personal conditioning, young or older, come and join the Kenosha Velosport Cycling, for an experience of a lifetime. Don’t wait. Contact us today. Check out our team benefits and become a member.​ Ride for a healthy life.

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In the USA, competitive cycling has been on the decline in recent years. We believe one possible solution to this problem is for kids who already love to ride their bikes to adopt cycling as a life sport and for them to become competitive. Therefore, we’re here to encourage and provide resources to young riders who may be interested in getting involved in this amazing sport. It is our goal to provide a complete solution with as much information as possible to help you decide which area of cycling suits you best and to give you the info you need to get you rolling.

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